Order Performance issue in Kite from last few days!

@siva @Bhuvan @nithin Is there some recent changes Zerodha in Kite OMS? I have faced some random issue and so are some other people in executing the order


I think this is because of quantity freeze limit. May be the system from broker’s end is unable to manage such multiple consecutive orders from all clients.
Any others faced this issue ?

Especially the guy (in that video) had many lots, so obviously he need to place multiple orders to exit his position completely. The terminal (kite) was not able to process the orders properly. So @moderators and @Zerodha-Staff , Kindly look into this issue.

That is a really scary situation; getting stuck in huge gamma moves into averaging on an expiry day, helplessly watching, unable to square off positions.
Feel bad for that guy. I traded with 10k quantity today and luckily didn’t face any issues.
@nithin During periods of volatility, if there is any lagging or freezing issues in Kite, would appreciate if you could flash a warning or alert on kite so that we can square off and get out of positions ASAP.


Yes , Fully agree. I would be very happy if i get a notification of some lag during the trading so that i don’t take trade or trade less quantity rather than stuck with the position. And these days moves are very violent having extreme gamma effect especially during market closing !

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@nithin this is serious issue which can wipe out capital of traders… The agony of guy sitting with huge fno position and not able to exit is scary to even think. Plz do watch the video in question.

Look forward to your response on this.

app is killing me! cannot able to place orders.!

This is what I call trader’s nightmare. Unable to exit positions, unable to modify orders.

Validation pending is simply doomsday. Have faced this issue, can relate the frustration.

I have moved to fyers for other reasons. But this nightmare definitely sucks.

Have you faced any problem with them ?

@Zerodha-Staff must reply to this post. At least to let us know if they are doing something about it or not etc.

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No one responding! Thats shame

We’re checking what caused this instance. This was an intermittent issue affecting a small set of our clients. We’ve deployed fixes to these instances. Hopefully, you shouldn’t face delays moving forward.

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this has happened with me today & from last 2 weeks as i opened new account in my family member name…also this issue is not across all accounts…only some account have this issue…i trade in 4 accounts , the newest one has this issue…crap service from zerodha…

Ok… thanks for the reply.

I have 2 more questions only, do answer that as well :slight_smile:

  1. Is the issue ‘completely’ resolved ? Yes or no
  2. Will we face this issue in the near future ? Yes or no

Thanks in advance.

Like I’ve mentioned here, we have something in place for this. Hopefully, you shouldn’t face these issues again.

@Esha placed basket order at 9:15 with 2 positions both with market order , The strike was very liquid but the order got executed after 10 seconds . Its a long delay for market order considering strike was very liquid.

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Hm, this article should help you.

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Hi, @Esha

Based on above article,
Every broker is connected to exchanges via leased lines. These lines have a certain order per second capacity. whats the order capacity of zerodha per second?

If the number of orders hits the maximum orders the exchange can handle, Can you please share the order number capacity of NSE exchange ?

kite have problem today 9.50 am

Yes, i am also facing issue since 9:40

Hey @AlgoEye ,

Some of our users are facing an issue with price updates on the Kite web platform. There are no issues with order placement. We are looking into this and the issue will be resolved soon.

In the meanwhile, please use the Kite mobile app. We regret the inconvenience.