Order Problems with system

@Vikrant_Bhosale for me my targeted entry price is my “Trigger price” and like what @lindo said, price is just 0.5 to ₹1 above my trigger price …
Hope above clarifies…

You got it wrong again. Your target price is SL limit price.

i think many new guys are having some misunderstanding about how limit order works …
many guys are assuming , once the trigger price is reached the limit order will be executed withiut fail which is wrong

Not only newbies almost 95% of the crowd think that in SL prder, the trade gets executed within the trigger and limit price.
All brokers, their webinars, FAQs, support etc will tell the same thing. But it is completely wrong

Hi @VelmuruganSengottai and @maddy_Des,

Thank you so much for your contribution…
Please don’t get me wrong but Instead of just saying what’s wrong it would help if you pros can actually explain in plain vanilla terms what is correct approach. Any newbie will understand what is told and not read in between the lines…

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If you are online I can explain you step by step

Sure… i’m here online :slight_smile:

Okey I will ask you a question one by one and you answer

  1. What is LTP?

Last traded price… price at which the last trade has taken place

So if LTP is 100 and you want to buy at 98.
You put in Limit buy at 98. which means you tell the NSE - "Look bhai, mai 98 se ek paisa jyada nai dunga!"
So exchange will take care that you only get shares at or below 98.
If share is available at 97, are you fool to but at 98? certainly not.

So your order remain pending till LTP collapses below 98

Ok Got that… but what is i wanna buy at above a certain price only… and if it does not go to that price my order should not execute at all…

Now LTP is 100.
You put in Limit Buy order at 102.
What you are telling NSE is that "Dhek bhai, 102 se jyada ek paisa nai dunga"
What NSE will say.
"Are saheb, Maal 100 mein available hai, le lo."
So you will get the trade only at LTP

Friend I solved my problem. I hope it will help you too. Look, don’t complicate it. Be simple. Example: CMP is 200 ; I want to buy at 204, then I would wait till price hit 203.50, then i will place order as Limit 204; SL 3; Target 8. So atleast my order price could be anywhere near 204, say 203 or 203.50 (as we know we can’t place BO above CMP) . Then we can go back in order book and modify SL or Target if we need.

I know its hard but running away is not an option

No one is running:laughing:

Good luck for your trading career

Always try to help. Not criticise

Hi @maddy_Des,

Sorry for delay in reply… got stuck somewhere…
What you are talking about is for limit order type…
I would like to again clarify that, assume i wanna buy a share above the last traded price (which could be a resistance area). I dont wanna enter a trade if the price does not cross a certain price. what in this case?

I hope you read your own first post.
Who is criticizing whom for own ignorance?
I am here trying to explain and you suddenly displayed such a carelessness about learning things that you found hard to grasp and hence criticizing them as complicated