Order rejected by exchange

some time i am getting error in punching order in option (nse) especially in bnf. the reason they are saying is order is rejected by exchange. but this happen when option vulgarly move . even though i punch market order my order rejected. its independent of broker. care to explain what is the terms and conditions regarding this by nse.

i have also checked the tick data of that option . even it is traded huge quantity along with the spread . but why we are not able to get the punch . curious to know the theory behind it

This happens if the price is outside the current F&O execution range. This support article explains about it in detail:

i see the last statement .

When there is a significant move in an F&O contract, and if the execution range is not updated immediately by the exchange(as it is calculated based on the average of the trades in the contract), your order could get rejected.
is it true even with the case of punching order as market order ?

Yes, this will be applicable for market order as well.

but then why i can see the traded quantity in ticks of options even the range is outside the 1 min avrg of ltp . i can see lot of quantity traded within sec also

9.30.40 the ltp is 80 and 9.30.44 the ltp is nearly 200 % . it more than 1 min average * 40 % . but at that instant lot of quantity traded . hows that possible if nse doesnt accept even if it is market order ?
how these players are punching order ? am i able to place order in this condition if traded through nse DMA .
Some curiosity to know