Order screen - default qty - can it be blank?

In order screen default qty is “1”, in hurry I forgot to change the qty and ended up in placing order for “1”.
Can you make it blank & prompt use to enter the qty ?

And in hurry, you can mistakenly enter 1000 in place of 100 for the quantity to buy. I think you need to be just a bit more careful about the order which you are placing.

I feel that a well balanced decision has been taken by the designers to let the orders be placed and executed as fast as possible (reduce time in creating orders) but still take the user’s confirmation for ONLY very important and critical things. As the minimum quantity is 1, default value of 1 (with incrementer and decrementer) makes lot of sense.

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Ok, then I have a suggestion, can this be user specific setting whether to show default OR blank ? If it is default then allow the user to decide the default qty - is that possible ?

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Technically always possible (saying this as a developer myself). But not sure about Nithin’s priority on this :slight_smile:
I had earlier requested for some user specific settings. I guess Zerodha is working on a lot of other things and maybe these will be looked after bit later.

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Such thinks make Zerodha more attractive & user friendly…

I face the same issue even today.Usually I am quite careful while placing my orders and double checking entry price, stop loss and quantity. But things happen so quickly in trading that sometimes I miss out on that.

And I’ve never entered the wrong stop loss or entry price. I’ve made mistakes with order placement 3/4 times now and its always been with the quantity and that too with the default number 1 in front (ordering 1300 shares instead of 300) .

Please do consider removing the default quantity or making it optional. :upside_down_face: @nithin

:slight_smile: Checking.

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