Order slicing Algos for Huge Volume Options order

Is there any algos or order type to break down Huge volume OPTIONS order into smaller order within freeze qty limit and without taking huge SLIPPAGE/IMPACT COST??

Does Zerodha offer any such service??


Yes zerodha provide it . App name is risk u can link it with zerodha app. U can slice ur orders


Do we have an option for order slicing in zerodha yet?

I would like to place order for 3000 lots qty of nifty options in one shot instead of punching the order 45 times and losing the price.

I’ve heard Motilal has this feature and it’s called order slicing.

Pls guide how I can incorporate the same in zerodha ?

You can do this with help of Basket Orders feature on Kite. You can place a order in Basket and clone the order using Duplicate Order function.

You can check out this post for detailed information about Basket Orders.


Yes I have been doing this as of now.

But instead of me cloning can you add a feature in basket itself were in quantity I can put 2,25,000 (3000 lots x 75) and the order placed is sliced automatically depending on the freeze limit.

This will make trading quicker and seamless in kite for HNIs

That may not be possible for now but one can clone once and it is fast enough I believe and basket will be saved.


Motilal Oswal has a special license from SEBI for order slicing. This license can be made available only by brokers. Please try and introduce this.

I have been using the basket with zerodha and placing 3000 lots trust me it does make it a lengthy process when you have to do it a multiple times and make multiple baskets as compared to one shot with Motilal.

Zerodha is a top broker and can easily provide the same to their customers if Motilal can.

Hope this can be taken as suggestion :slight_smile:


Will check this.

can anyone who has idea about this, tell us more?


what i believe is i can place a single order of 5000 volume = 5000/75= 66 lots (in case of nifty options, which is volume freeze quantity for it), and its executed in FIFO basis. right @ShubhS9

Motilal website explains briefly about this feature in a PPT -


Order slicing would be a great feature to have.

Specially when doing multi-leg strategies the basket order doesn’t work as quick since there also we are not able to put more than 66 lots of nifty in one order and then we need to clone it and make multiple baskets… all in all it’s tedious

Personally currently I’m doing 1700 lots. now you can just imagine the task intraday.

This can be made very easy by ZERODHA team just the way other full service brokers are doing.

Hi, any update on this feature ?

Hi, I am also looking for this feature. Kindly help.

We don’t have it, yet.

Are you having any plan to bring this feature?