Order Type is not all about Leverage

According to me I feel Order type is not all about leverage it’s more of Order Management.

Why No broker in India provides Stop Loss & Target & Trailing SL (similar like BO/CO) all in one order even in CNC & MIS without changing any leverage.

Atleast for MIS it should be implemented.

What this will make difference to RMS team?

But it will make huge difference to many New & Professional traders.

I would request Zerodha to be the first broker to provide such feature and make traders life much more convenient.

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Have you checked out GTT orders?

But this is not applicable for F&O

I am talking about traders not Investors

Iam new here . GTT orders will be considered for pre open also?
Iam throwing lot of orders (MIS or CNC ) between 9.00am -9.07am… but how to place orders early morning (say between 7am-8am while studying the charts )to be considered for both pre open & normal trading hours for opening a fresh position?
If a gap down open is expected , one can throw a lot of stones (on desired stocks at S2 or S3 ) & get some mangoes .
How to enter lot of orders before market open for the same trading day apart from 9.00am-9.07am ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree with OP. I use BO simply for the benefit of having a stop/trailing stop in place whenever/if an order is filled. So an option wherein there’s no leverage but simply the availability of the mechanism, would be much appreciated. Something like an MIS-BO, for instance. Don’t know if it’s technically feasible, but would indeed be a good option to have.

Also, GTT does have a limitation of needing to have the stop at least a percent away from the LTP, iinm.

Since volatility is the norm & it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon, maybe the Zerodha team could consider this?


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@MAC @kidrow
Couldn’t agree more with you on this. I think interactive brokers does provide various types of orders for F&O. I have one query regarding Bracket order, lets say I enter 100 lots of crude in bo; is it that the order of 100 lots would be broken into several random ‘x’ number of lots at prices executed; so while exiting I have to manually exit every small order if I have to get out before the target price ?