Order with BANKNIFTY spot

Hi, i developed a strategy that works only with bnf spot. And now i want to place orders but bnf spot cant be traded. So, how do i set limit orders on bnf future on behalf of spot. As there is always difference in prices of spot and future. Any help?

Simple, Whenever u get signal in spot, place limit order in fut with fut ltp

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Is it based on underlying or just based on chart of bnf index.

One of the ways.

Create set alert


Create one basket to buy Banknifty future and another to sell

Go to my triggers and write down the condition that when banknifty spot = whatever your price, initiate banknifty buy basket.

Hit create. Whenever the banknifty spot price meets the condition, you will get a buy banknifty notification within kite. Hitting ok on that notification will execute the order.

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