Overall Investment Performance

I am looking for a simple report, how much I have invested so far(since I started with zerodha) and what is the value of the same(should be value of portfolio + cash with zerodha) and as an extension what is the XIRR on my investment. What is the report that gives me this. i have looked around in console and I am not sure if I found such a report. I would expect this to be a basic report that everyone needs to know how their investments have worked out.


@Nakul Can you.

I understand ur point…but i dont think there is any such report on console…under p&l section u get to know absolute amount of p&l u made,and % return on total purchase value of stock …but % return in terms of money added to zerodha is not there it seems.


You can download the Holdings Report from Console.

In Console, under Portfolio - Holdings, you should be able to see the “Download: XLSX” option. Of course, this is only for holdings which you hold currently (also, I don’t think it mentions XIRR). For securities which you no longer hold, you can refer to the P&L Report.

You need to download the tradebook from console. There you will get the dates on which u made any stock purchase that’s your cash outgo, and then you check the stocks sold along with the dates that’s you cash received. Use the dates and trade amounts cash in and out to calculate xirr in excel. This will be realised xirr. Similarly use for calculating unrealized xirr if u need that.

Mine is a long time account with Zerodha, it is not easy and it is a lot of manual work which I think the system should provide. There are multiple p&l’s, like equity, f&O, currencies.

Once you login to kite, you see a simple view. how much are your current investments and how are they are performing as of now. That is a partial view and hides what the overall P&L of your investments is. I believe for Zerodha, a company that prides itself as fintech company, it should be relatively easier to build and provide this report rather than saying download these reports and create it for yourself which is laborious and error prone for users

When I raise a support request with Zerodha they provided me the steps to do it. I have asked them to help with the actual numbers with my account. No response!


Ya the broker should provide this simple metric. I guess they don’t provide these numbers deliberately. If they start showing these performance metrics, most of the people upon seeing their low xirr will start questioning themselves if they should really continue direct investing and trading, or just put their money in a passive index fund. Haha

Edit: if u are really interested in calculating your xirr I guess it’s better u do it yourself rather than waiting indefinitely for Zerodha to add this feature.

Hey @chandra, currently you’ll have to look at your account value on the Console Dashboard along with the funds statement on Console. You can download your funds statement for a selected period and filter out all payins and payouts to find out the net amount deposited in your trading account. The account value on the dashboard will give you the current value of your portfolio + cash.

We’re working on the next version of Console in which we’re trying to make it easier to track your portfolio. Net payin and XIRR are already part of our list of things to do, which you can expect in the next version.


Hi Nakul,

By when can we expect these features?

Also, in Kite, just like you have various watchlists, holdings too require multiple views as some are short term trades and some are long terms positions. Right now, holdings does not differentiate. Would be great if an option is provided to users as where they would like a particular holding under and then show it under that particular P&L

Any update on when we can expect this? For a fintech company, such a small feature shouldn’t take this long?

Should be out soon on console, this is not about 1 feature, we are changing a bunch of things and will soon come out with version2 of console.

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any rough estimate when that soon could be?

@siva if somehow console could provide that by how much percentage trader is up or down in a year by adjusting capital induction and drawings and CAGR performance for overall time period would be a great feature. Maybe you can look onto this.

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In our list of things.

Good to know and greatful for that. Would you be kind enough to let us know on the expected timelines.

Umm ,whats the current status of this ?
A big fan of this features ,manually it ll be a lot of hassle specially millenials under age 25 who are not easy with excel functions :grinning:

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in the list of things of Zerodha. you should not ask updates about it. If they give you at some point(could be months, could be years) be happy about it.

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One can see performance on console right, what exactly you are looking for?

Overall investment performance. How much money we have invested so far(not available without lot of manual work) and what is the value of the same today(available in console) and XIRR

Since xirr/cagr not available in zerodha I maintain that in other website…