Overnight Investment for Trading capital lying idle

Say a person has 2 lakhs on Friday closing time in his/her trading account… what is the best risk free investment for weekend and have funds available for trading on Monday morning ?

I checked NiftyBees, it could give around ₹30 dividend - charges - demat charges which is not worth.
Overnight mutual funds can’t be sold on T +1 and funds can’t be realised for trading on Monday.

Are there any other investment ideas instead of money lying idle in trading account ?
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Liquid bees , you can buy on friday evening , and monday morning you can sell . two days intrest you can get

Thank you. But interest or dividend is ₹35 for 2lakhs for 2 days - ₹12 demat charges - ₹5 ( other charges ) = ₹18

Which is not worth… correct me if 'm wrong in my calculation

yes thats correct , invest in liquid fund and pledge it . you will get 90% for trading

ideal fund for two days its not worthable better for in trading account , because lot fo charge

The best for this is 3 in 1 A/c where our fund in Bank A/c is BLOCK for trading during day and in evening we can unblock and get normal savings A/c interest 3.5-4% pa.

this req tieup with BANK for this and now it is possible by almost all private sector bank.

like:- AXIS, ICICI, HDFC, SBI etc
BUT Broker are lazy in our COUNTRY for facilitate customers the best.


Buy liquidbees

we can put it in Liquid funds and pledge… will get 90% as collateral…Another Good thing compared to liquidbees is that daily ur collateral will daily increase based on fund NAV increase…

I think the main argument is that there is no pricing mismatch and liquidity is high in daily funds. This is a good thing no? I’m looking for ease of operations for me in trading and pledging these units? I see 7 scrips in zerodha collateral file that are eligible for 90% margin