Own trading strategy for stock market


Hello people i m new to market and want to create my own trading strategy

How can i create my own trading strategy for intraday and swing trade.?? Using microsoft excel


Ask vaibhav. He will help.



I’m a full time trader (trading to pay bills type). I follow a strategy (positional trading in Options, both Option Buy and Option write) which is purely excel based. All the required data is available in nseindia.com and OHLC of the current day is available on terminal.

I have written about the process of developing your own trading strategy on quora. If interested, the link is given below


Also I’m posting my trades on twitter daily, if interested, please follow my handle - @AnanthaRaman19


Thnx @ramananantha


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I think that it would be good for you to perfect technical analysis. Try to benefit from market moves through good understanding of the market. Only then you will be able to perfect your short term trading strategy