P&L calculation

How to find the value of one point change of a equity stock (ex: SBIN).

Ex. One rupee increase means how much profit?

For silver 1 = 1

Crude 1 = 100

Banknifty 1 = 25

For stocks it depends on Quantity you have, Eg. if you have 1 share for every 1 point change in price of stock you will have P&L of Rs. 1, similarly if you have 100 shares, P&L for each 1 point move will be Rs. 100.

Silver has three contracts, Silver, Silver Mini and Silver Micro and P&L for each point move in each contract varies accordingly.

Silver has P&L of Rs. 30 for each point move.
Silver Mini: P&L of Rs. 5 for each point move.
Silver Micro: P&L of Rs. 1 for each point move.

Thank you