P&L in MIS trading

Hi Guys, so I have this doubt about how P&L is calculated in MIS trading? Suppose I purchased 20 Qty of a share for LTP 177.15 and the sold it for 181.00. So The P&L in positions shows +38.50, shouldn’t it actually be +77.00. I did do this trade by taking margins. Can someone tell me how this is calculated?

We have many transaction level costs - stt, exchange charges, stamp duty etc along with brokerage.
Look at Brokerage calculator – Zerodha

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@SpacemanSpiff hi thank you so much, sorry its my fault in calculation

I think you are mistaking the amount or Zerodha is showing the wrong profit. Given your buy price, sell price and qty the profit should be atleast 70 after all kinds of charges.

@GoutamHebbar Sorry its my fault in calculation