P&L /Trades of Pro Traders - General Post


Recently, I have learned a lot more strategies to hedge my positions, as well as learned to make few chart patterns which helped me identify break outs, made few sizeable profitable trades as well.

Today I observed that due to this, I traded a lot more in the month of Feb with sizeable turnover, charges, and profits, where as, my friends who trade F&O casually, do a lot less trades and mostly stick to buying naked OTM options for the moon shot.

Is it just me, or there is data to support that folks who make strategies, use chart patterns, sell options instead of buying, generally trade more frequently and make higher profits then those who trade casually?

@Bhuvan @nithin curious to know your thoughts and what are you seeing for traders on Zerodha.

Don’t know what to comment on as I am unaware of the strategy. But as the saying goes not having a stop killed many traders, having too many stops killed many traders too.