P R Sundar feedback


He is legit and also his calculation are very accurate
I also write option but not on zerodha… And believe me if know when to do it u will rarely make losses in it
Want to take his classes, but seats are not easily available


Lol :slight_smile:


I agree with you. @Morpheus :slight_smile:
these people show their EARNING only for Marketing purpose of CLASSES/SEMINARS.
the thing people get there is already available totally FREE in INTERNET we just have to GOOGLE it.

BUT PEOPLE are looking for holy grail.



His only sin is he is vocal on Twitter. If is not uncommon that many are reaping crores trading options, yet they are not vocal. For eg. Nuthin Kamath from Zerodha. He has amassed huge wealth, equivalent to any DII/FII.


P R sundar itself have i am a big option writer nothing those people will show only profit , FII are big they are not twitting i made this much profit ,but they are a market maker , ignore those people PR sundar etc … they r trying to make money with us thats all


He hee…unfortunately ur mentor p r sundarji is half vocal in twitter and that is what is creating doubts…if he is vocal of his profit figures why not put exact loss figure on as is basis?


How much Profit amount you want? I can post amount with any number ,just tell me the amount and the scrip, I will post you my profits


lolz…weekly profits he posts


Good thing about P R Sundar is he doesn’t push much for his classes or seminar. Yes he is too vocal on Twitter abt his profits. But what difference it makes. His personal views not forcing anyone to do anything.


there are many people who make money on expiry day by selling OTMs on expiry day …


Legit. I follow him since 2016 from his blogspot days. Previously all traders used to troll and lol in blogspots.

Here is how. Amidst his noisy channel, focus on the tweets that gives direct trades. Take a statistical decision. Let me share you his trades posted this january.

Trade 1:

You need to dig abit deeper to know his plans. It is chaos if you don’t under his trading style. He is TSLing the trade.

Trade 2:

Trade 3: (It made amazing returns as SGX shot up)

Trade 4:

Trade 5:

Trade 6:

Trade 7:

Trade 8 is same like Trade 5:

Trade 9:

All trades are very good with a strong rationale behind them which is not technical but statistical. If you tell him fraud, then either you’re one of those hate guys who spoils internet or you’re dumb who discusses things without base!

Let him sell course or other shit. You can benefit of his shared trade ideas for free. Let’s not complain and make him shut up.


I follow his blog https://prsundar.blogspot.com/ for very long time , he made me learn how market works and how oil price affects petroleum stocks and motor stocks , global market , ADR etc.About FII , DII , vix.Without him it would have taken some more months for me to grasp these things.He made it easy for me.he started posting post-market reports in his youtube channel for some days, but he stopped now.


You should also read this article about option selling:



This is normal story. Natural Gas’ shoot up is nothing compared to the mess created by Cottons in early 2010. Tons of big shot commodity players went burst.

That guy had been running naked call sell and kept it running when the BEP breached and it kept shooting up. (He had ample time to close his doings.) He kept for mean reversion. Mean reversion did happen after bursting him lol.


he did naked positions


any zero loss option strategy?


Only arbitrage strategy are zero loss.


Yes it was minting money since long time but finally become the turkey and got its head chopped off :sweat_smile:


Covered calls :blush:


The problem with covered calls is that if the price of the underlying goes down, you are in loss. We had few blue chip stocks (PNB, Yes Bank) and NBFC stocks breaking big time on the down side. Person holding would have lost 50% in couple of sessions.