P R Sundar feedback


There is a guy P R Sundar option writer who came on Bloomberg trade carnival

Now in his twitter he regularly posts profit 2 lacs today, 5 lacs today etc. How come it is possible? Something is missing. Any body has any view in that analyst?


I don’t know about him but there are lots of such traders on Twitter who post profits of 2 lacs, 10 lacs 30 lacs and so on.
Don’t get trapped by profit amount- they have deployed capital of 50 lacs+ in their account (which they don’t tell you).
One thing I observed about such people is they conduct trading workshop/seminar almost every quarter. And fees would be 50k + GST. imagine 50 people joins their workshop, how much they would have earned!! And they use all these money to post on Twitter


he is legit , but his capital is around 5 crore and he manage hedge funds for his clients.


All these people have a common habit. They would never post their losses.


He is not that legit as it looks outside… How come daily only profits? That too in option writing? When in loss he does not say the loss amount also…further if u ask questions he will block u…

If someone is earning so much why bother to conduct trainings for 50 k fees?


Most of the successful traders keep a low profile.They do not boost their trades and also they don’t need to take any workshop at all as the income earned from that would be insignificant to them


He does talk about his losses in his blog.
Seems legit to me.


Any Twitter traders posts 2 Lacs profit every day and conducts workshops (50k + gst) doesn’t look genuine to me. I mean you are earning 50 lacs per month then why u would share the strategy to others?
And if u have chul to educate others then why to charge 50k?


Press Report Titled, “…India’s leading option seller” the caption says it all.

You will need a minimum of 1 crore to be on his client list.


Impostors always find new ways of cheating, plunder is eternal birth right of a charlatan. With every bull and bear run paid posters arise luring gullible people. Some gets arrested, some doesn’t. Even if you are not caught, people memory is short, they forget immediately in some months.

Without extending introduction, please note these are new ways of cheating people now a days:

  1. Workshop- 2 day/3 day workshop demanding 50/75K or more, to deliver the magic mantra which even market wizards couldn’t teach in their books. The promotion process includes telephone calls, absurd profit on Twitter (via unauthenticated screenshot) and so on.
  2. Access to portfolio- even some people have started charging money to see their portfolio. You may find hilarious but its true. Promotions carried out through random article in news paper, high hand writing in public forum and so on.
  3. offering free tips- some predicts market with exact numbers and conveniently delete it doesn’t work. Or open ended words are used to trap people.

Bigger question why people fall into trap?

  1. Easy execution of markets- trading has become child play. Charting to buy/sell is so seamless even 3 year toddle can do it. It has given an impression to public if you have a secret recipe and tips fortune can be made in market.
  2. Abundant access to information and marketing- interestingly these days we are getting information for free, actually we started questioning when someone asks for money these days. Have you ever wondered why someone is doing free? Agree, some do it for passion. But whenever an advisory, PMS. workshop is attached put your thinking hat.

Things are unlikely to change unless you and me want to change. The only holy grail of investment is:

Expectancy Multiplied by Opportunities

Expectancy is a function of accuracy and margin. Opportunities are finding a way of entering and exiting a stock.

In short the three pillars of investing remain same since 100 years. One is ENTRY/EXIT METHOD Two is RISK MANAGEMENT and Three is MONEY MANAGEMENT. To have a command over these three subjects is a life time learning. Even market wizards shy away of discussing words like certainty, sustainable return and so on.

One last word, STAY SAFE. Validate all Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, online postings, workshop contents before acting them. Sometime it becomes too late.


Smooth flow of language, Subject matter well presented and engages the user attention. You are a good thinker and writer, Best Wishes.


@Morpheus pls wait sir. I know this article. I know client qualification. Question is he told once he is considering to join a bank who invited him to join. Now even assuming a VP designation why would a crorepathi contemplate to join a bank?

Next , he accepts losses but never ever tells how much he lost. When he daily shares 6 lac, 7 lac profit why not transparent on loss?

Unrelated to this topic, for some people life changed after they went to ahmedabad. Now we all know the multi bagger operator den is based out of Surat, Indore etc. God knows.


@suvi well said.


@Pratibha_Sharma Answered by me . pls read. Note that he never reveals how much lost


Maybe, he is a kind of person who likes to share only positive things with others.

I mean, who is interested to read or listen to others sob stories these days.


He doesn’t give an amount because he controls his losses anyway through fire-fighting, but he does tell people when he’s been wrong in his view. And that’s rare.


Option writer gang…

Looks genuine. These guys are making 2-3% per cent per month.


when there is a buyer then there is a seller, when many are ready to take paid classes why would someone say no the money from the classes, person who post his success on the social media is marketing for his product.

  • PR Sundar capital = 15 Crore ! He has also gone into loss sometimes. There are many more who display their profits, it is no use talking about only this person.

  • I personally feel that such high fees is wrong. Zerodha Varsity and other resources are very good for learning but people want shortcuts, not hard work. Sad !

Any new comers reading this…please get your hands dirty and learn. It is the best and permanent way. Paper trading doesnt even cost money. It only takes effort and time.


People with Money have no time for learning, so they look for shortcuts. Like quick fix seminars and webinars. These expensive seminars are aimed at them.

People with No Money have plenty of time, so they do paper trading.

Not being sarcastic, but just the reality around us.