Pair trading in Indian market

I want to try out some pair trading strategies.

For example… I want to buy ICICI when the HDFC has suddenly moved by say atleast 10% in 5-6 days and ICICI has not, then I want to place a buy trade in ICICI at the same time I want to sell HDFC.

Any idea about how pair trading strategies can be implemented by retailers?

Also, can this be created in Streak? @Kunal_Streak @Streak

I have created a strategy to buy ICICI when the HDFC is up by 10% or more in the last 6 Days. But ICICI is not risen by more than 5% or lower(You can change this number as per your requirement) CLick on the below link to access the strategy

The SL and TP are randomly selected, you can change them as per your requirement.

You can use similar logic as in the above strategy to create a sell strategy for HDFC and deploy both the strategies simultaneously to create the pair trading setup as per your requirement.

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