Paper trading websites

Is there any paper trading website where I can just visit and paper trade? I remember there used to be a very user friendly website, where you just have to visit, and start papertrading. I see only paid websites now. Even if any website allows it without credit card info or on trial account then also its okey!
Do suggest…

TradingView supports paper trading. Refer to their support article on how to get started

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Thanx @Prayag and seems thats the best we could find?
Earlier there used to be a website I don’t remember now, where you can trade irrespective of market is open or not, and you can fast forward to next day on a button’s click. It was loaded with real charts historic data.


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Bingo! @maddy_Des

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You will not need any credit card for the 7 Day trial

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You can do the same at

and post that you can go for automation.