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I am very new to investing and want to ask a question. After I buy a direct MF from Zerodha coin, do I need to go to the AMC website and fill up some form and submit to them? Or is the paper work ,if any, taken care of by Zerodha?

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Rather you can try MFU as well.
More advanced than Coin.
Also no charges what so ever

There is no paper work to do.
Neither in coin nor in MFU

Hi Singh,

There is no separate paperwork required again. Investing in COIN is simple and the UI or platform is convenient than MFU contrary to what @maddy_Des has mentioned in his response. It completely depends upon your requirements and convenience of using the platform. We will be introducing all the essential features like STP, SWP, etc. soon on COIN. Also, will be coming out with a mobile app this month which will make your experience better. Since your units are in demat mode whenever you invest through COIN, you dont have to verify with the AMCs regarding your investment.

If you have any issues you can write to our support team or send me a direct message on trading qna. We would appreciate any feedback from your end.

Thanks for additionally mentioning the additional drawbacks of coin. People have been asking for these features since ages. And going by the experience that we have with other zerodha products, the phrases like below literary means ages.


…this month

will be coming out

also I really hope ( not being sarcastic. I am really hoping) that zerodha gather it’s act and try to keep pace with the competition.

Refer to my other posts here for why co-operative (sort of) enterprise like MFU is better than Coin.

Also how are you people going to solve problems wrt STP in coin?

It is our humility that we accept the problems but we also ensure that we will fix it or work on it once the valuable feedback has been provided to us. We are already ahead of various platforms out there in terms of number of transactions and AUM and customer experience as well. We look forward to enhance it further. Our tech team have been slogging day and night to ensure our products are unique and to improvise on the already existing products too. For the scale that we operate, we need to ensure that future features, products, etc. have an optimum performance and are tested thoroughly before we launch it. As explained earlier, we will be coming out with a bunch of features for COIN as well as per the feedback that we have collected from our clients.

From your other posts on trading qna, it seems to me that you are unhappy with almost all products that are offered by us. If you have any feedback regarding the product, we are happy to hear and see how we can place it or if you have any complaints then we are happy to resolve it once you have raised the concern with us.

Also, holding units in demat mode is a much safer approach rather holding it in a non-demat mode with various AMCs. All your investments whether it is shares, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds are held under one roof . But, ofcourse as a customer you are free to exercise your choice and try out other platforms as well as per your convenience and to compare the experience.


This is what I was looking for in zerodha!!! This is a way to answer disgruntled customer.
And I have found this trait only in two people, @nithin and other one, you.
I am a customer to someone, a service provider to other. And I know that people have different temperaments. But customers can afford to show attitude, service providers can’t.
It seems that few people here on forum don’t know this. Their loss…

Nope. Absolutely incorrect.
As a customer I am always dissatisfied and want more. But in case of Kite, even the basic expectations of the people are not being fulfilled. I am not alone.
And again, it’s not my loss dear. Competition is growing and growing at supersonic speed. How can you expect people to be satisfied with bug ridden kite when other brokers are giving way more for less?

won’t it be logical that I recommend other platform with wayyy more features and wayyy less fees to people. Let me give you examples.

  1. Kite - Apart form it’s occasionally funny charts it has several other bugs. If you have taken pains in going through my posts, take a look at kite 3.0 thread as well.
    Atleast 2 other brokers use the chartIQ platform. Upstox has wayyyyyyyy advanced features than kite 3.0
    FInvasia have 0 brokerage. Still it’s platform also have that cute trade from chart feature.
    Whenever somebody asks Nithin about trade from chart feature, he always points to that Harry potter mark on Top left corner. This is NOT trade from chart. Almost always when somebody asks about it that have Pi like feature in mind.

Also other brokers have started giving out desktop platforms like Dartstock that have inbuilt scanner. YOU people charge for it in screener. ANd also you abandoned the Pi ( anyways it is already buggy)

Yes, I have thrashed and trashed Kite and Coin both. But I think that’s only fair.
So apart from Kite and Coin I can’t remember other PRODUCTS that I have problems about. Can you point out my posts. :wink:

Also what ever the size of your operations, and how much you slog DnN. I have experienced that the update cycle of lesser mortal souls of other chote - mote brokers are wayyyy higher than Zerodha.

And with the entry of IB in the market. It’s gonna be tough.
Good luck

aap to gyani hai, antaryami hai, shaktiman hai, budhiman hai, balki mein to kehta hun aap toh purush hi nahi… mahapurush hai mahapurush !

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Avoid DMat for mfs, if you are going to use it mfs alone. Since you have said you are new to investing, it is better to invest in couple of equity funds, direct option from the fund House websites.
HDFC, sbi, birla sl all the websites are easy to access.

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Thank you all for taking out time to respond to my query. Many terms were used above STP etc etc. It is embarassing for me to confess that I dont any of that. I am so new to investing that I cant express. Anyways, I’ve gone through FA and TA modules on Varsity. Found them amazing. I dont know if better explanations exist. But I would want to thank Zerodha for providing these. I am starting with Futures module now. Meanwhile I am going to check the CAGRs of many funds and their CRISIL ratings to see which one works. I hope these are the right parameters to check. Any other checks needed to finalise MFs? Hoping to hear from you.

I am still trying to understand Kite and Coin. Not able to find a ready reference guide for these. Have installed Pi but everything seems alien to me at the moment. I hope I will come up to speed with these. Also, why dont Zerodha customer care officers pick up the phone? Very surprising.

@faisr I would love to speak with you. Can you share your number? I hope thats not too much to ask! :slight_smile:

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New Delhi

Have just shared my coordinates with you via DM :slight_smile: