Paras Defence Share good For Future Or Not?

What about Paras Defence share Should Good For Long Term or Not? Right now it Almost On UC And No seller There To sell It. Is the Future Is Good should Buy It???

No one knows that.

There is no good or bad stocks in sock market , its only the demand / supply of the particular stock based on the sector it belongs to + its previous financial performance. Paras was a profit making & in Defense sector , during its IPO period there was a huge demand almost 150 times , it was subscribed , i too applied for it ,didn’t got any allotment , after its listing , not to take much risk i bought only 2shares and see the result .Now its up to you take risk for further upside :thinking:

Legends says-Its not about how good or bad the company is , its more about at what price point you are buying the share. This Stock listed just 15 days back at IPO price of 175, now every day this stock moves 175 :stuck_out_tongue: ; current PE =300 vs Industry PE=24. What goes up so fast come down also super fast!!. Either promoters are fool to list the stock so cheap and Market is very intelligent or Its just pure operator speculation game at current price. Its individual persons greed vs Fear /Analysis which story one buys to!!

If the future is 20 to 30 years from now then yes. You may breakeven by then I guess. But if you are going to ask stock recommendations on internet then you might as well blindfold and throw dart and decide.