partial investment in smallcase


I recently join Zerodha and Started using smallcase regularly.
I am wondering if it is possible to partially investment in smallcase.
I have Smallcase XYZ made of 10 stocks, minimum investment amount Rs40,000.
6 stock heavily declining and 4 stocks increasing. It is possible to investment only on 6 stocks which is available at the reduced price or we have place order for the entire basket which is Rs 40,000.


@pankit16 Partial investment will not be possible through smallcase. But in case you have analysed the stocks moment and have a set of stocks to remain invested in, you can create your own smallcase.

Refer for more details about creating your own smallcase.

@pankit16 @Kiran_kaur

Hi both,

Yes it is possible to invest partially in the smallcases but not just in a single click :slight_smile:

You can do it by managing the smallcase in which you can buy or sell individual stocks ie., you can increase the shares for just selected stocks or you can add a new stock too. By going to Investments > Click on the smallcase > Manage > increase or reduce the Qty’s > Confirm and place orders :v:

For more details, check below :point_down: or ping us / mail us at [email protected]

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