Partially executed IceBerg orders

what happens to partially executed iceberg orders?

eg. lets say i have placed following order -
BUY 10000 Quantity NIFTY FUT with 10 Legs at limit price of 18200.

but at 18200 only 5 of my legs got executed making position as 5000. and pending quantity will be 5000.

what happens to remaining legs in that case? are they cancelled immediately? or they will be executed once nifty reaches 18200 again?

Hi @Anup_Kulkarni

You can either cancel the order or modify the price so that the remaining legs of the orders gets executed at a modified price.

If any leg of an Iceberg is cancelled, all the remaining pending legs that are yet to be placed will be automatically cancelled. Similarly, if the price of any leg of the Iceberg is modified, the new price will automatically be applied to all the pending legs.

Do read our support article to know more about Iceberg orders :point_down:

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