Passive Income sources in India?

Reading books like “Rich dad poor dad”, made me think how important it is to create assets in life of an individual and how easy it can be without very deep knowledge.
But that made it look soooo easy (just buy a house and earn rental income), that might be in US where laws are much strict but in India the laws are not that strict.
So I want to learn some assets formation which can be created in Indian context to earn passive incomes. (Obv. except investing or dividend investing as we all being a part of this forum knows)
Though the forum is about trading but I believe we all are here to learn and earn. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thankyou. Hope to see some good answers…

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If you have a high-speed fiber you can rent out your bandwidth (there are a few more, just google it) and there is another website called propertyshare which allows collective ownership of prime commercial real estate and earn a percentage of rental income on your investment.

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Passive income will come in diffrent forms

my passive income i created from

Dividend from stock holding
REIT investment
Rental from one house
Monthly income from liquid fund ( Large corpus)
And from covered call
see diversify the passive income in different ways , its really hard to create and generate as passive income , once you create its rest for a life income


Are you opting for a dividend income from liquid funds? Or have a growth option?