Pattern in this chart

what chart pattern would this be?
This looks like a pattern but does this pattern have a name?

Yup… Its called flying train

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where did you read that?
I was thinking flag pattern but seen such a long prolonged flag pattern ever before

also that its widening

ok…it widening isn’t it…lets call it “FAT NOSE FLYING TRAIN”

Its bullet train Pattern.

ok so how many types of train pattern are there?

Not more than two is allowed 1) simple flying train & 2) complicated fat nose flying train which is also called bullet train in some parts of the world

If you can’t help better not answer maybe.
Aniket dont try to find pattern with so many candles.
If you take so many candles market will show you what you want to see doesn’t mean that it is correct.


This is Ichimoku Chart type, if that’s you are looking for.

Yeah there was a point in time where i had considered that thought too, But I have just a 1 year experience with the markets so far so I also have to consider that I dont know everything and hear out other people too.