Pay in pay out obligation

What is pay in pay out obligation in zerodha,how it is calculated

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Pay In / Pay Out Obligation is the gross amount that is due to you / due from you. Let’s say you sold 100 shares of a company at Rs. 1000 today. The gross amount due to you will be Rs. 1L before charges. This amount will show up as Pay In / Pay Out Obligation in the contract note you will receive at the end of the day. Transaction charges and taxes are deducted from this and the net amount will be credited to your ledger. You can go through this support article to understand how to interpret the contract note.


Please help in my case…I traded today 200 quantities of Bharatforge, entered at 227 and exited at 228.49 again entered at 219 and exited at 220. Again entered at 254 and converted into delivery while in morning I sold 50 holdings of same scrip at 702. I’ve charged pay-in/pay-out obligation amounting Rs. 4348.95. please help