Pe ratio and dividend yield

How to get PE Ratio, Dividend yield and Earning per share of any stock at one place.
historical say for previous 10 to 20 years

There are many web applications for that, but these two are the go-to versions for any analyst out there-

  1. Tickertape
  2. Screener

can someone find , rain industries still being at pe ratio of 6.87
valuation showing expensive by marketsmojo app also helps

PE ratio in isolation of a company may not be of much use. It needs to be seen with its sectoral avg, competitors data, historical average…to know whether its expensive or cheap and also even if it is cheap it may not be blind buy because market considers lot of other factors like future growth prospects, earnings fuelled by debt or not , key risks to the business.

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can someone analyse fundamentals of heromotocorp
its at pe of 16, nifty presently at 23 pe ratio.

with perspective of its current business, it is facing any problem
or its price may go upward if relief from covid cases worldwide.