Peak margin additional details

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I do intraday only in nifty 50 high volumable stocks (equity)
For me after Aug,21

  1. Do I need to have var+elm margin of those stocks or a static 20% or 25% of that stock to trade them?
    (Ex BPCL has higher var+elm about 50%)

2.If I have 1L capital…And did my first trade with full of capital…Is there any chance of margin blocking for the day after square off?
Or can I get multiple trades after square off?

  1. Is there any chance of margin funding service by zerodha?
    If yes…what will be the charges?
    ( I personally think…if charges will be higher traders are not gonna think about that…because a professional trader earns only 0.5-1% a day)

Thank u :slight_smile:

  1. Flat 20% if trading stocks.
  2. You can do multiple trades after square off.
  3. Margin funding is possible only to buy equity stocks for delivery. Yes on our list of things to do. I think the charges across brokers is usually 0.05% per day. But yeah, on our list of things to do.

Thanks man

Hi @nithin If I take a position in FUTURES in intraday and square it off, does the margin remain blocked for entire day? Or else can I take multiple trades after squaring off the futures position?

Hi Vineels, you can take multiple trades after you square-off your position.