Peak of Ruchi Soya stock


I wish to know that what would be the peak of Ruchi Soya. I have invested some amount in that stock when it was around Rs 500. I do not want lose my profits.

Any fair estimate please
Thanks in advance.

Huhhh no one can do that.

The only thing is other major FMCG companies all have a market cap above 80k crore. Ruch Soya is the only way to invest in Patanjali, a tough competitor to all the FMCG companies in India, and its market cap is only 28k crore right now.


You want to know the lifetime peak? I think it’s not possible to tell. If you don’t want to lose the profit then simply sell all and book the profit. Otherwise you can sell half qty since price is almost double now. That way you won’t go in red atleast.

Obligatory: I am not a financial advisor so consult one before taking any decision.

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I would suggest to not to sell, this is a gem of the company given its part of Patanjali and its debt free. More over there is lot of scope for “Bonus shares, stock splits and then dividends” in coming years.

Dont sell the shares just for 30% or 40% profit. Make it as an investment. Still the Mutual funds are not in the picture, if one starts investing then Stock may go up to 3k.

This is my opinion. Take your decision.

Off course, you should consider reading the Ruchi soya and Patanjali deal. Also company financials. AFAIK, Ruchi Soya is allowed not disclose Results for the first 2 years.

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Yeah. It’s a great stock. I have done a calculation on this stock. If it continues like this for few days then:-
1 In 15 trading days from today, it will get double.
2. In 33 trading days- 5 times.
3. In 48 trading days - 10 times.

Power of compounding is magical. I just hope everyone reads this and upper circuit remains for few days.

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