Penalty in case of Shortfall in Margin : Clarification Needed

My account statement shows a negative balance after deducting Span and Exposure margin for overnight F&O positions. However, Equity balance for my account shows a positive balance.

a) Am i liable to pay fine/penalty levied by SEBI/Zerodha in any manner ?
b) Can i makeup for the shortfall even on non-trading days i.e. by transferring the fund on Saturday/Sunday ?

Can someone from Zerodha clarify ? @siva

Hey @nakrj,

Are you referring to daily margin statement recevied via email?

If so,

The negative values under the ‘funds’ column for the different ‘segments’ (F&O in your case) indicate funds utilized/used (out of the total money added to the trading account) for trades in that particular segment. This is basically the margin utilized for the various segments as on that day.

Only, if the sub-total column is negative, it implies your account is in a debit and you will be charged interest.

In case, there is an actual shortfall, you can make up for it by adding funds on non-trading days.

Thanks @Kshiteesh_Saralaya

So if I have short margin on Friday …I can transfer funds via imps to avoid penalty?