Pending Order in Market Depth After Market Close

Hello, I have a query on market depth.

After the market was closed, in Zerodha the sell orders are showing what does it mean? Are they pending sell orders are in queue for tomorrow to be executed?

Attached screenshotScreenshot_150

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These are pending orders at exchange level, these won’t be executed, exchange will clear these from system by end of the day.

Thanks, still I’m in dilemma. It would be great if you give me an example?

These are the orders which haven’t yet been cleared from the system by exchange. They will do so by end of the day and tomorrow morning you will not see them in Market Depth window.

Suppose my CNC order remain pending at normal market close . is it possible that it can get executed in post market 3.40 to 4 pm ? or all not executed orders till 3.30 automatically get cancelled . @s

Please help me to understand market depth in pre open session.
Why people Redy to sell at very low price and someone Redy to buy at very high level compare to previous day close.

At preopen, All trade execute at Equilibrium price so if you want definitely your order to execute you need to place your bid at best price so if you want to sell you place at LC and if you want to buy you buy at UC.

thanks for reply