Penny Stocks are Zooming like there is no tomorrow ⚠

I don’t know if it’s only me but I’m seeing lot of penny stocks again being in the headlines and getting recommended by many folks.

This is not considered as a good sign because penny stocks in general are dubious companies with little fundamentals. (there are always exceptions) But this is the general scenario.

One might argue that from 2017 peak, there are lot of valuable small cap stocks which are undervalued. Although this might make sense for few selected companies, It for sure is not applicable to the whole penny stock pack.

Those who have made entries at lowest levels might hold it as the chance of real loss remains fairly less. But anybody who is freshly entering into these scrips with heavy allocation need to trim or diversify their position.

Better be safe than sorry. There are always sound companies with strong fundamentals available in market.

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PS r getting popularity day by day but their order don’t get executed on time

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The sheep get slaughtered in the market. Know what you do, do what you know.

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On an otherwise weak day, here’s how the small and penny stocks fared


Excerpt from this article : Nearly 600 stocks freeze at upper circuit on the BSE | Business Standard News

All the X grp stocks are rockin n rollin’ :man_dancing: :man_dancing:

My guess is this party should last till mid jan and if stretched a bit more till feb 1st week.

Samajdhar ko ishara kaafi hai.


In a week span, Indices are down by 8% and penny stocks too are continuously hitting LC. 875 Stocks hit LC