Penny stocks for short term gain

Which penny stocks can be bought under rs.5 for short term gains?

Hi, Instead of wasting your time in finding out penny stocks which can be bought under INR 5, request you to spend the same time in buying a stock which will create wealth for you in the long term.

I am no one to advise you as to what to do and what not to do as I totally believe in “Live and Let Live” However, do understand that even INR 5 has value. Instead of throwing it away, you could use it to build a good portfolio.

The choice is yours.

wait for the correction. All the penny stocks have gone much high.

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If any of us knew the answer, why would we tell you, instead of going and buying it ourselves and making those gains?

This is a question we should ask whenever anybody tells us to buy a share because it will go up in the near future: why are they telling you this, instead of going and buying it themself?

If you think about it a bit you will figure out that they are probably telling you this because they want the stock price to go up. Often because they have already bought it, and are waiting to sell it to the next bigger fool.

@Sen You should ask below questions to yourself it will answer your question automatically.

  1. If some one tells you that penny stock , how much will you invest there?; Lets say your target is 2X or 3X, would it make much difference in your life . SL in these can whipe 50% of investment consider this as well?
  2. Penny stocks when does any momentum works like UC and LC and very limited time it will remain where you can exit. Let say it’s value falls 20 % straight 4 LC then comes 5th day where there is liquidity would you exit ? or its goes straight 4-5 UC then comes liquidity would you exit ? Its roller-coster journey.
  3. Why do you think any random tip on any forum can make you a good investor and your own knowledge and Skills can’t?
  4. If someone tells you a script , target and SL or timeframe and you made money . This would motivate you again whats the garantee that its the goose that give golden eggs? Do you know the hardest thing in investment( like any other business) is to sustain it?Do you think that person will provide that tips forever? Only building skills and experience is sustainable which will remain life long with you any other entity and persons are short term
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It’s tricky to predict which penny stock will have a good move for short term gains. Actually, penny stocks are highly volatile when compared to other normal average priced stocks in the market. Best way to choose the right penny stock is to create a watchlist of penny stocks and analyse them for a few days and then choose the right stock for your investment.