Percentage change display after taking position in Kite Android APP


@siva @nithin Is it possible to display percentage change in kite anroid app after taking position like Kite web application.

Is there any future plan for that?

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Not possible for now.


Hi @nithin @siva,
Currently Kite market watch shows percentage change with respect to the previous day close price.Is it possible to may be add intraday % change as well .May be an option to choose between % change w.r.t to previous day close and % change intraday.


What do you mean by a % change intraday? From the open price to current price? The open price usually has a lot of stray ticks and wouldn’t really mean anything.


Yes @nithin,
Many other screener websites show these intraday % change and I would like to track these in kite itself and yes it is change from day open to current price


hmm… I don’t think it is right thing to check change from from the open. Like I said most stocks have stray ticks in the morning opening. You will end up seeing a wrong % change for the rest of the day.


@nithin Can we have % change for buy/sell price & LTP for intraday ?


We already have it on the positions and holdings page right?


can i get full list of holding stocks seen in given screenshot?


163 is a long list, won’t come in a single screenshot. :), this is an account which I use to test out.


the reason i asked for the list is that i am profitable in trading and i want to invest the profits in stocks ,so i want some not very known stocks for it,i saw 2 micro stocks in the list which looks interesting ,maybe from your list i could get very good stocks for long term.


Ah these are all from smallcases I had bought. Check this


When will we be able to see both change in percentage and change in numbers in kite web like we see in kite application.


I am unable to see % change in my buy price for intraday in kite app. It just shows quantity, buy price, profit/loss amount and LTP.