Percentage change display after taking position in Kite Android APP


@siva @nithin Is it possible to display percentage change in kite anroid app after taking position like Kite web application.

Is there any future plan for that?


Not possible for now.


Hi @nithin @siva,
Currently Kite market watch shows percentage change with respect to the previous day close price.Is it possible to may be add intraday % change as well .May be an option to choose between % change w.r.t to previous day close and % change intraday.


What do you mean by a % change intraday? From the open price to current price? The open price usually has a lot of stray ticks and wouldn’t really mean anything.


Yes @nithin,
Many other screener websites show these intraday % change and I would like to track these in kite itself and yes it is change from day open to current price


hmm… I don’t think it is right thing to check change from from the open. Like I said most stocks have stray ticks in the morning opening. You will end up seeing a wrong % change for the rest of the day.


@nithin Can we have % change for buy/sell price & LTP for intraday ?


We already have it on the positions and holdings page right?


can i get full list of holding stocks seen in given screenshot?


163 is a long list, won’t come in a single screenshot. :), this is an account which I use to test out.


the reason i asked for the list is that i am profitable in trading and i want to invest the profits in stocks ,so i want some not very known stocks for it,i saw 2 micro stocks in the list which looks interesting ,maybe from your list i could get very good stocks for long term.


Ah these are all from smallcases I had bought. Check this


When will we be able to see both change in percentage and change in numbers in kite web like we see in kite application.


I am unable to see % change in my buy price for intraday in kite app. It just shows quantity, buy price, profit/loss amount and LTP.