Percentage difference between price and EMA

Hello, i am looking for a small number to be seen on top or the bottom of the candle as a percentage difference from a particular EMA.

Suppose on any candle close, price is 100 and that time 10 EMA reading is 95. so i am looking for difference between price and EMA in percentage terms. so for above example it will be calculated as 100-95=5, so 5 divided by 95 will be 0.0526 multiplied by 100 to get percent which will 5.26, so it shd display just 5.2 on top of the candle. so in case of candle closing at 96 below 10 EMA and 10 EMA reading 99, then it will be 99-96=3, so 3 divided by 99 (10 EMA) will be 0.0303 multiplied by 100 will give 3.03 percent.

So plz anyone help me for this


The above condition is not possible with the tradescript

he…15 views and no one willing to spare some time and help?

sir, not even with amibroker?