Perfect price to Buy HDFC Bank

I am planning to buy HDFC Bank for the long term.

What is the perfect price to buy HDFC Bank? and can you recommend this stock for the long term?

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Good buy above ₹1300.

Wait for 1-2 trading sessions, since although its trading near the support area of 1290₹, it has been tested thrice now. So Monday/Tuesday closing can give a clear picture.

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Since your view is long term I suggest you to not time the market. You may start accumulatung in parts at these levels. May be you can start with 40 to 50 percent of the funds you are ready to put in hdfc bank.
For example. If you wanna buy hdfc bank worth Rs.1lakh, put around 40k now.


A general thumb rule, when looking at long-term, price is not important.
The focus is on quality and Survivability.

Good stocks are never cheap in comparison to their peers.


I sold my HDFC bank shares today at 1305.
I expect a recession, so prices may fall further.
Maybe down to 1100 level.


I wait for 1050… Or invest 25 to 30% at current price. Thats my opinion


my view dont buy any stock below 200 moving average
long term u r not mentioned time
u r still want to take risk buy 5% of u r capital at resent swing high 1410


Would you buy today? Not that I will take any trade, but just wanted to know

Its a good buy for swing with an SL of 1280-85

Although one more confirmation on daily TF is still pending.

And no, I don’t like equity trading. I prefer Mutual Funds instead. Though I still have few stocks in my portfolio now, i prefer options trading.


I bought HDFCBank Call today.


Me too, 1300CE at 34.5 1 lot

What about you?

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I bought few lots of the rare OTM this time - 1350 CE

1330 now :smiley:

1315 is the support now

As it is said in trading, following trend may help to take trade. Looking at HDFC Bank, it appears that it is in down trend now. I would wait until it change the trend upwards. But as some of folks said, for long term investor, timing is not necessary. Even than, I prefer to enter based on trend. Hope it is helpful.

Bought at 10.4 sold at 12. I suppose you got something out of this too :wink:
I was expecting HDFC Bank to give a slightly bigger pop than it did though.

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Me tooo :confused:

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Well, my chart says that its good opportunity to buy stock around 1280, & add more at 1160 followed by 1050. If it fall more than this level, then it indicates that the move is affect of the circumstances bigger than pandemic, dot com bubble, & great depression.
** Please note: This is just a view, Do not use it as a advice, recommendation.

ICICI is better than HDFCBank as per latest numbers.

he is asking for investment not for trading “long term”

No one can predict what will happen tomorrow.A big fraud is enough to bring down the bank. Better to invest in niftybees as you get diversification.
Not a sebi analyst.