Permanent threads on top?

@nithin As people here are discussing strategies for Nifty n bank nifty evryday, can Zerodha make permanent threads for them at the top like a subsection of q n a?

There is a F&O category, Ideally I think topic should be started there on Nifty/Banknifty with a date in the topic. So everyone wanting to discuss F&O can visit this section directly. Making permanent threads on the main landing will just open up a can of worms. Different people will want different permanent threads.

@Bhuvan How about creating a topic, Nifty/Banknifty - Your view 26th October 2017. We can create a new topic everyday in this category, see if people start discussing here.


@KarthikNarayan Here you go and thanks for the suggestion.

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thank you @Bhuvan
check this out ,
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