Physical Shares or Lost shares

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Suppose someone who purchased shares of 10 different companies in 1995. He currently possesses physical certificates for some of those shares, but not for the others.
He doesn’t remember the names of these other stocks, which makes it difficult for him to apply for duplicate shares.

Is there a method to find out information about the number and name of the stocks he purchased?

If such shares were issued in physical form, there should also be a unique share identification number with them.
if you can get a hold of them, you can fully retrieve the data of the shares.

@shivamrao37 this is what our team replied to me on this.

Atleast some information(certificate nos/folio nos/allotment letter) would be required to know and approach to company/RTA to apply for the duplicate certificate. Without any of this info, even RTA won’t be able to get the details.

As a shareholder, he/she must be getting some communication(company annual report/dividend warrant) to the registered address which was mentioned at the time of applying/buying the shares, by referring to this they may approach to company/company RTA.


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Also, for those shares that have physical shares accessible, what is the process for claiming them from the IEPF and converting them to electronic form?

Does Zerodha provide the same services, and if not, can you recommend a reputable firm that can assist in this process?

Hi @shivamrao37, in case you have physical share certificates, you can follow the process explained here to dematerialize these: How to convert physical share certificates into demat form?