PI Enhancements Request

I am using PI for last 2 days. These are the humble requests for PI enhancement. Please provide your Insights.

  1. In PI, I usually detach the charts with multiple time frames over multiple screens and use them. I save the workspace thinking that the layout will remain the same when PI is opened again later. But all the charts are loaded with in PI screen and I have to detach and place them again. Any plans for providing a solution for this.

  2. Every time PI is started, I have to apply the chart template, so I can see my indicators. Is it possible to have the chart template applied by default.

  3. Let us say, I have 4 or 5 charts opened with different timeframes for a particular symbol. Would like to select any other symbol from marketwatch and load the new symbol to the charts already opened, instead of opening a new chart everytime.

  4. Charts: Still not placing the orders fastly, comfortably and Confidently because of not having the following features. a). Enabling Bracket orders in Charts when using “Trade from charts”, which should place stop loss and profit target lines. b).Should be able to move/adjust the Order, Stop loss and Profit target lines in the chart. c). Need to have Cursor Crossline on the chart, so it can show the price on the right margin. d). Enhancing the quick order window on the chart to have Bracker order option, so we can define the stop loss and Profit Target. e). Chart refresh/Backfill option.

  5. Introduction of Pivots Indicator, Open, High, Low of the day Indicators.