Pi+kite(mobile) simultaneous log in

Pi was running today, at the time of login in from kite(mobile).
Is it just me, or pi now supports simultaneously log in for the same account?

It is working simaltanously since long. Log in kite on your mobile switch off internet/wifi afterwards. Then login PI I have been doing this for long time no issue you can even place order from either of two .

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haha,damn, a great hack.:smile: I like to keep things simple, and damn, pi always logs out, if it detects another session.

But (maybe) with this kite mobile(beta), i can keep running pi on the screen.

And that’s a biggie. Cuz previously, i was like, wanting to grab some lunch, but you cant be glued to pi, which is not on the mobile. And you need to keep a tab on your positions,with your computer upstairs. Now, you login to kite mobile, and later you rushed up to find you have been log out of pi.

Now, you can always log in back, but when you have certain pop out windows, damn, you need to set up again all over. That’s why. I ll be so happy if it’s a permanent thing. Maybe, that ll resonate with lot of other traders.