Pi "Link to Excel"; Not Responding after 5 mins running

Hello Zerodha/Experts,
I am facing problem in Pi “Link to Excel”. Whenever start LINK TO EXCEL, excel sheet start fetching live data from Pi but after 4-5 mins Pi starts not responding and get hand. With this excel sheet also stop fetching live data and only old data.
I many time contacted Zerodha Customer Care, but no solution came out. They said this is the problem in Pi and it will be removed when new update come and new update when come dont know. Is it the way to give answer?

My system Config:
Windows 7, 8 GB Ram, 1TB HDD, MS office 2010 32 bit.

Please Help,

There is no issue as such and link to excel is working fine.
Are you running any excel macros or any other formula in the excel along with RTD live feed columns?
also make sure you are running excel as admin and try, you can also register or reinstall ms excel and try

Check the below steps for registering

open cmd as admin and use below commands to register

cd /d “%WINDIR%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0*”

regasm C:\Zerodha\Pi\ExcelDataStream.dll\

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@AlgoGeek Thanks for replying…

No there is no macros running in excel sheet.

  1. Yeah, i re-installed the MS Office again and framework too.
  2. Yes, i applied simple formula in live sheet regarding opening high and opening down value.

Still facing this type of problem. Hope any solution come out.

If it was working earlier and then stopped working, you should do a system restore to the day it was working. it will work again.