Pi Scanner and Trading on Kite

Pi Scanner is excellent in generating alerts , but it is difficult to take immediate action while scanning , we have to stop the scanner and than we can take buy/sell since this action is time consuming and also we may loose the opportunity, but Kite is fast & having excellent charting, taking Buy/sell is easy, i tried to log on both the systems( Pi & kite ) used Pi scanner and trading on Kite , but this action is not valid and error happens, we have to Log on to Kite again, My point and request to Zerodha is that please allow us to Log on to both the systems at a time for trading, Let us use Pi scanner & placing orders on Kite. I don"t know this is the right platform for this request, but i would like to urge fellow traders also for this request to Zerodha for this systems( i think collective presentation is more meaningful ( uploaded some the scanner alert screen shots)l)

hello trader @q45,

Like many other Trading Platforms in India, The Pi scanner is inbuilt in to the Zerodha Pi Trading Terminal. There are exchange regulations that does not allow a single USER ID to be used in 2 different order placing terminals at the same time.

Also makes me wonder when they have access to Pi, why would they use kite ?

Have you tried using the TRADE button on the Pi Scanner ? its a one click option to open the order window.

I thought " Traders" can understand my point, but not expected consolation, or some one will try to convince me. my wish was " Traders know" time is money, anyway , i still hope and Best of Luck.