PI Scanner Coding Help Needed


Please help me in creating the PI scanner for below scan criteria

My PI Scanner criteria is

1>Scan Nifty 200 stocks only
2>Price of the stock between 50 to 300 rupees only
3>Current Day volume of the stock should be greater than 500000
4>last one minute volume of the stock should be greater than 20000
5>last one minute percentage price change of the stock should be greater than 0.15

Please anyone help me for creating script for creating this screener in PI Scanner

I already created the similar script in chartink like below but i want to create the same script in PI scanner


Anyone please help me for creating this script

There wasn’t nifty 200 stocks in ‘default symbols’ in the scanner. Can’t help you there.
And for the code, this might help -

50 < LAST < 300  AND VOLUME > 20000 AND SUM(VOLUME, 375) > 500000 AND CLOSE > REF (CLOSE,1)*1.0015

I couldn’t find a way to choose daily and one-minute volume in tradescript at the same time.
Better set periodicity to ‘minute’.
So 375 in the above code is 375 minutes for how long the market was open (9:15 - 3:30). This might not be the perfect way, but I think it will be helpful.