Pi Scanner - FAQs

Can someone answer below FAQs w.r.t Pi Scanner:

  1. Does the scanner only consider data from the point the scanner is started?
    • I mean to ask does it consider even the historic data for scanning? or only current day’s?
  2. Why doesn’t it generate any sound alert?
  3. Suppose I have 3 scanner’s running with each having around 25 stocks to scan? How do you recognise which scanner generated a alert? Also when a scanner generates a alert, why isn’t the generated alert stock come to top of the queue.
  1. The Pi scanner is an Intraday Stock Screener. It uses only today’s intraday candles to match tradescript conditions. Only today’s intraday data from 9:15am is used for screening.

  2. The Pi Scanner by default does not support Sound Alerts. It is designed to output only visual alerts onscreen.

  3. By aligning your External Monitor vertically you are able to watch more list of stocks onscreen. Automatic sorting of list based on latest alert is not a supported function on the Pi Scanner.

When a stock is screened matching your tradescript condition, a YELLOW highlighter appears on the alert time cell block of your Pi scanner.

Does that mean, if I run a scanner with 30min interval to check over 14 periods, scanner will never generate a pass condition?

So a trader needs to keep looking at the scanner always.?? Why can’t zerodha add sound alert. What a trader should do when running multiple scanners? Should he keep traversing every scanner to check for alerts… Doesn’t seem practical.

  1. You can set the number of days in the scanner. That should give you the time frame alerts you are looking for.

  2. In this case, I usually do a reverse chronological sort by ‘alert time’ and this gives the latest signals. It’s inconvenient but it works. Alternately, you can set up ea for individual stocks to receive alerts.