Pi update 2019 deactivate pivot lines

22nd march 2019 zerodha Pi update 2fa to pin number. But it deactivate pivot lines. zerodha team should verify before update. when will get pivot lines in PI? i always use PI, not kite. please add pivot lines immediately .

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This will take sometime, as we changed our charting solution this was removed temporarily, will be added in coming days.

when will i get back? coming days means? how many days you require to restore the pivot lines tools.?

why did unwanted update do in compulsory mode.

i don’t want to trade in kite because i always use PI.

thanks siva. please reply. expecting soon.

We are upgrading all our infra hence this is compulsory update, it may take a week more.

a week is too much time siva. please update quickly.

one request to you, please release update before checking all previous tools.

thanks and wait for pivot lines.

sorry for disrupting you.

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New PI update came with some innovation like multiple snap quote windows. But why upper circuit limit and lower circuit limit details removed from marketwatch .
Earlier all symbols in market watch like ltp ltq net change etc can be moved as per our convinance but now they are fixed .
Zerodha please address these two issues in PI

multiple snap quote windows is new for PI. i hear the update from you. thanks devesh.
circuit limit i didnt see in PI. so, zerodha team will help you. but you can see in NSE website for particular stock.

finally, movement of cell in marketwatch is possible. today morning, i create new marketwatch and do some movement in marketwatch cell because my old marketwatch is deleted after update.

Why is the old marketwatch which I saved not opening

Not only the Pivot levels are missing, a host of other features have also disappeared in the latest Pi update. No P/L position is given on Snapquote. No circuit limits are now given. No dropdown menu for Snapquote in context menu.
Since P/L position is not given in snapquote we have to go back to Admin position each time we want to see it and decide on whether to continue or quit trade. This becomes very cumbersome.
The only change is seen to be multiple snapquotes. But where is the place for all those snapquotes on screen? It clutters trading. More, the facility to type and change Scrip on the snapquote is also taken away.
In all, this update cannot be said to be an updation since it is going down on facilities. Pl at least go back to earlier version.

Additionally, the sound alert to notify when an order is completely executed is taken away. In event notification now, if an order is executed in batches, say 10 each at time, for an order of 100 stocks you hear alerts 10 multiple times. How inconvenient it is! Nowadays when we open Pi and place a few orders, you hear all the time, " An order has been updated to…" . Really annoying. Please reinstate sound alert only on full execution of an order!

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