Pi update, release notes?

Updated pi today but I somehow closed the release notes before reading.

So, what’s the changes ?

Change in the release of Pi (Dated:16/07/2018):

1)Critical regulatory change

Lol Lol Lollipop

Dear Client,

As part of our planned upgrades, Pi has been updated. All previous versions have been deprecated. Please login to Pi to install the latest update.

If you are facing issues with logging in to the existing version to update, please read this article on the Support Portal

With the recent update, Kite just got a whole lot better. In case you haven’t checked it out, here’s what’s in store.

  1. Whole new user experience.

  2. You can now pin your favourite stocks and indices for quick market updates.

  3. A visual overview of the marketdepth. You can place orders at any price in the depth with just a click.

  4. Place trades, view marketdepth, manage orders, and positions all from the charting window.

  5. Search and filters in orderbook to filter orders based on order type, buy/sell etc.

  6. Universal context menus in orderbook, holdings and position pages. You can view marketdepth, add exit positions, view charts and more on all of these pages.

  7. Events widget so that you can keep track of important events that can affect your trade.

And a whole lot more. Login to Kite now to experience the all new investing and trading experience.


Team Zerodha


At the opening quote, you say Pi upgraded. Then u say updates in Kite. Are u Okk ???

This is the email that everyone got from Zerodha. Doesn’t talk about the update notes for Pi. It just has the Kite updates listed.

Anyone has a log or release notes for Pi? Need to know what they’ve changed.

This is a regulatory change, from today Self trade prevention check with respect to pancard for currencies will come in to effect. Next month for eq and fno.

@siva why Pi scanner is not loading? It happens on every Monday morning. I have created a Ticket 7 or 8 days back. I am sending my ticket id to you. Could you look whats happening there?

Can message me, will get it checked.

Change in the release of Pi (Dated:16/07/2018):

1)Critical change

Release note of Pi. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thank god somebody is talking about this. My scanners are not alerting now. They were working fine on Friday. Is anyone else facing the same issue?

I tried to create a topic but it was as usual delisted.

Oh. I didn’t get a notification for this. My scanners are working fine but I’m trying to move away from Pi slowly. It’s becoming too slow and clunky to use. I just wish Zerodha would add scanners to Kite.