PI - Wrong Alert given

Hi NIthin,

Problem: EMA cross over code taken from your Expert Advisor Code Section, but it is giving wrong alerts.

I am sorry to escalate this to you, but i am not able to get satisfactory answer and resolution to my very basic query that needs a simple resolution.

Simple crossover tested in live environment (5 ema crossing 10 ema) in 5-10-15 minutes timeframe etc, is giving wrong alerts.

While this has been notified to your support team around one month back, i never got satisfactory answer or the resolution as when this will be rectified.

I appreciate your personal attention to this matter.


unfortunately no resolution from support team.

support team has been contacted twice, but this being an open forum, i expect answer to my queries. dont close the question, answer it if there is no resolution from support team, where should i put my query?