Pincon Spirits ltd. looks great undervalued growth stock ..(Be cautious )

Pincon Spirits ltd. looks great undervalued growth stock… please read the news it seems they are running ponzi scheme in parallel and get caught .

Umesh Mishra, ADG SOG, said that the company has many subsidiaries including NRN Finance Limited, ASK Financial Services, Grinade Food Products Limited, Bengal Pincon Housing Infra Limited, NRN Universe Producer Company Limited and Universal Multistate Credit Corporative Society Limited.

SOG officials said that lakhs of of people were made to invest anywhere from Rs 500 to Rs 90 lakh in different ponzi schemes of the company. Officials said that the number of victims could be more than 3 lakh and the investment amount exceeds Rs 1600 crore.

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How was my judgement ? I feel we should always look to media before putting investment in 2nd class stocks ?