Pine script like console for streak

Let’s say I have a condition like

Abs(Supertrend(7,3,0) lower than Close(0) … ) a long condition

Now I need to make it time frame based, easier way is to copy command and add.

Multitime frame completed(hour, Supertrend(7,3,0) lower than Close(0) … ) )

Do we have something like pine script where you can easily play with long conditions, without using the button concept of streak?

@Streak help plz

Hi @Manoj_Kumar3

The feature to directly paste the conditions inside the MTF function is currently not supported. You will have to manually add all the conditions insdie the MTF function. I have forwarded your query to the relevenat team as feedback and it will be given due consideration.

However, you can let me know your exact requirement so that I can check if a workaround can be created for the same or you can aslo email to [email protected] and team will assist you further.

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You really should build a scripting language around your system. Will make things more efficient. I am not a fan of the current structure. Not appealing.

@Vasu_patel I can make it no issue, but will prefer to use trading view till we get script support, your button concept is very slow and tedious

Can u please help me with the script of picking lowest value from last 15 candle

Hi @Anarul_Hossain

Please refer to the below image to learn how to write conditions for the above query.

Hope this helps.