Pivot Based Trading

This is my first post here.

Here I will discuss about Pivot Based trading…price action based.


Can I discuss method here?

Seniors please reply

You can share your strategy here. No problem with that. It may help others and as well as you.

It will be price action based trading style…

Need more time to learn, but if learnt then very good…

Sure da, Thanks for initiative please explain the method.

Thanks a lot, will take time to update though

for this pivot based trading style, one has to learn Rally & Decline …

How can we learn Rally & Decline?

To learn Rally and Decline one has to understand the pattern of three candles first…

The photo tells about Rally & Decline

What is Rally: It is price action where one bar after another bar making higher low…

Decline: where lower high is forming in each and every bar

@Subhadip Thats Good Keep on Sharing your Knowledge.

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