Pivot Point mismatch calculation

i have already gone through some of older poster also. i have some doubts in pivot point calculations for weekly time frame.

for weekly time frame pivot will be calculate for yearly candle. so clubbed all daily candles to create yearly candles

Example TATACHEM. ( tata chemicals )

open position for yearly candle will be jan 01 2020 opening
01 Jan 2020 candle is { open:668.55, C:671.35, H:673.40,L:663.25}

High tick on Feb 11 2020
{open: 765.15, C:758.25, L:756.10, H:779.80 }

Low Tick 24th March 2020
{open: 212, C:200.75, H:218.50, L:197 }

and finally close tick will be Last candle of the year 31 dec
{open: 478.70 , C: 477.40, H:483.30, L:475.15}

I clubbed all these information to form yearly candle for TATACHEM
{open: 668.5, close:477.4, high:779.80, low: 197 }

then using this candle i calculated the pivot

p: 484.73
s1: 189.66
s2: -98.06
s3: -680.86
r1: 772.46
r2: 1067.53
r3: 1650.33

i referred pivot formula from here.

But kite chart IQ shows different support resistence level. how they are calculating yearly candle then?

Kite pivot point values.

Pivot : 485.58
S1 : 191.37
S2: -97.22
s3: -680

i’m writing my own algorithimic trading terminal using kite connect. but due to this mismatch i couldn’t solve properly.
Kindly shed some lights on this.