Pivot point,R1,R2,R3,S1,s2,s3

I have one app of investing name show resistance and support level and pivot point.
Suppose if price is near or little bit more than pivot point then in this case can I buy the stock for intraday trading for target of R1 and if price is moving below pivot point then in this case can I sell the script and wait for S1 S2 S3 level to make intraday profit.if price is near S1 then shall I sell for target of S2 and keep stopploss of pivot point level

mostly stocks don’t run according to pivot, sometime it works
pivot points show support and resistance only, you can take an idea from them cannot depend only on them

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Stocks move based on price action which is created by the actual support and resistance levels of previous trading sessions along with the way the price moved.

A stock can trade above the pivot and come back to S1/S2 without crossing R1. Similarly, a stock can fall to S1 and then move back to R2 or above without falling to S2. Any combination is possible.

You can use pivot levels as references while trading. But the trade has to be according to price movement and not according to pivots.

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How to trade safely in intraday without any loss

Only losses teach you how to trade safely. The trick is to lose as little as you can while learning.


brother nothing is without loss,
even DAMANI or BUFFET loose money, just understand market and practice, and be disciplined is the key to succss

you can control your losses only,
understand the logics that work in the market, work with risk reward ratio

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Dear Rajiv
Good evening
No indicators will work for intraday it will a guide line see price movements
U need to select the best stock to be traded for intraday by looking at NSE site
EMA will be the best to see price movement u can select 5 to 10 days
MACD cross over will be ideal to look for stock movement with combination of volume index
Stock beta value to be more than 1.5 to 2 it should be volatile stock for intraday with price up down to 2-3 % of value
U need to follow the days stock trend
Pls review u tube Videos to understand the pivot points in better way
I can send u Videos links msg me contact details
Suresh Ramaiah